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Written by Tom Cellie

Hey good people. Many have commented on the quality of my voice over (my my voice itself) but the crispness with which it was mastered. I have also had folks asking for direction on what apps to use for various projects so here I share briefly my core apps and some of the plugins I like. Enjoy!




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Apple: You Can’t Play Jesus on iPhone

By Brian X. Chen Email Author


Apple has rejected an iPhone app that would enable users to fashion their mugs into portraits resembling Jesus Christ.

The app, called Me So Holy, involves using the iPhone’s camera to snap a mug shot of someone, which can then be scaled and cropped to replace Jesus’ face. Apple rejected the app, saying it “contains objectionable material,” according to Me So Holy developer Benjamin Kahle.

“Applications must not contain any obscene, pornographic, offensive or defamatory content or materials of any kind (text, graphics, images, photographs, etc.), or other content or materials that in Apple’s reasonable judgement may be found objectionable by iPhone or iPod touch users,” the iPhone SDK agreement states.

Apple may be tightening its restrictions on its iPhone App Store after it approved an iPhone app called Baby Shaker, a game whose objective was to shake a baby to death. Amid parental outrage, Apple subsequently removed the app, saying its approval was a mistake.

Though tremendously successful, Apple’s iPhone App Store has been the victim of heavy scrutiny. Other than being criticized for approving questionable apps such as Baby Shaker, some developers have slammed Apple for being unclear about its App Store approval process. For example, FreedomVoice Systems in March told Wired.com that Apple hadn’t said a word about its iPhone voice app Newber for six months, potentially costing the company $600,000 in wasted investments.

In defense of Me So Holy, Kahle questioned what was objectionable about his app, since it did not contain any violence or offensive content.

“We feel that Apple is being too sensitive to its perceived user group and are disappointed that this otherwise creative, freethinking company would reject such a positive and fun application,” Kahle wrote in his blog. “The message to developers is that they should think inside the box, rather than outside it.”

Nonetheless, the App Store continues to lure developers with dreams of striking it rich. One of the largest success stories to date involves Ethan Nicholas, an independent developer whose iPhone game iShoot earned him $600,000 in a single month.

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How to Know WHERE Your Customers Are!


Written by Tom Cellie


Google Insights


A fellow marketer friend from The land of Oz shared this with me and I was pretty blown away at the stats.  It's SO important to know where your audience is and also HOW to reach them.  Google has done wonders for me in knowing where visitors are spending the most time on my site, where visitors are finding me, how long they spend on my site etc.  I have used Google Analytics for years but Google Insights was news to me and wow what a valuable tool.

You seasoned marketers probably already know about it but for those that don't, it's really worth spending the time to learn where your efforts would best be spent and by where I mean what part of the world (assuming you have an international product).  Take a look at this quick video and enjoy.




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New Improvements In The Latest Version of Skype


Written by Tom Cellie


Skype 4 Beta


On February 4, 2009 Skype launched version 4.0 for Windows offering full-screen video calling, a new built-in bandwidth manager that optimizes calls in relation to your connection, a new audio codec which promises wideband audio quality using 50% less bandwidth than required by previous versions plus a number of changes designed to make the user experience easier.

Skype has managed to make its brand synonymous with video-calling. The company says the latest update is its "most distinctive" and has listened to the feedback of tens of thousands of people in designing the new offering.

The changes to service include making it easier to start a face-to-face video call, a management system that makes the most of low-bandwidth connections and for those on 400 Kb/s or higher (plus a dual-core processor PC and a High Quality Video webcam), video at up to 30-frames-per-second.

On the audio side there's improved quality with less bandwidth plus "crystal clear, richer and warmer" super wideband audio when using a high quality broadband connection.

Skype says that its bandwidth managing system also assists in getting the most reliable sound from your connection by interacting with the codec to adjust to fluctuations.

Usability improvements include easier headset, microphone and webcam set-up, a new Conversations Tab for tracking of multiple conversations and a choice of two different views - a single window "Default View" or a or Compact View in which you can resize conversation into separate windows.

So if you havent upgraded Skype in a while go ahead and get this distinctive update.   I have really enjoyed theimprovements and the full screen video streams nicely on my wi fi.



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