Social Interaction Provides TRACTION! for Joomla 1.5


DOSCUS LogoLast week I showcased a few nifty free third party apps for social bookmarking one of which was made especially to integrate into Joomla 1.0 and 1.5.  I believe every site should have these widgets in 2009 because this is what a true interconnected community is all about. 

So here I present DISQUS a super slick commenting module that integrates into Facebook .  Whats cool about DISQUS is it allows you to see any mention or comment on your posts from around the web at places like Youtube, Friendfeed, Twitter, Digg, Blogger, Wordpress, Vimeo, Picassa, Flickr, Typepad, Moveable type and other services.  That's a powerful jolt on the Social Love Meter!  

It also displays trackbacks and video comments thru Seesmic.  Have I mentioned its FREE?  Yeah there's always that.  I use JomComment on my other blog www.sonraycafe.com and I have been recommending it because it was easy to install and worked perfectly so at the risk of losing a spare commission here and there I really MUST recommend DISCUS as a super FREE solution that can't be ignored.

I don't think I have to preach about the value of providing social interaction tools for your blog or company website, THAT point has been made by all the big marketing gurus.  

I got my free copy all nicely zipped and ready for Joomla 1.5 at Joomla Works .  I installed it, enabled the Plugin and It worked perfectly first time.  No doubt about it, social INTERACTION really does help TRACTION so join the rising FACTION and get this comment system at a FRACTION of what I paid,  FREE!

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