It's Contagious: Quarantine, the Next Viral Movie Craze


A mysterious 40-second video posted to YouTube in March, documenting the mayhem outside a locked-down apartment building isn't the amateur videocam footage that it appeared to be.

It was, in fact, the latest viral marketing sensation to hit the web. The clip, which appeared online in March, showed Hazmat crews sealing off an block of apartments, is for Quarantine -- a movie not opening until October.

Sony Pictures, the studio behind the release, released the full-length trailer (right) Thursday.

The plot centers on a television crew trapped in a locked down building after an emergency medical outbreak; and the trailer appears to give away quite a few plot spoilers, which is odd, especially considering the film doesn't come out for another six months.

The original video clip clocked a million views the weekend it surfaced on YouTube
leading to a flurry of speculation online --  nearly 400 comments buzzed with theories and ideas about the blurry clip.  It has so far clocked nearly 2 million views.

YouTube user Eric, who claimed to have "found" the footage, has since posted more than 30 video entries asking viewers to decipher different clues about the incident and submit their own theories. In one, he points to the blog of a retired police officer, Mike Davidson, who, as part of the virtual viral fun has apparently joined the investigation.

Quarantine is a remake of a Spanish thriller, [Rec] which you can check out online.

What do you think readers? Does the trailer spoil the plot for those who haven't seen the original version, [Rec]?

Quarantine is due in theaters October 17.

By Jenna Wortham

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