Opensource Goes Green DimDim hits the Scene!


I am ALL about social tools because I am ALL about community.  Maybe its my Italian upbringing, maybe its my passion for people but wherever the motivation comes from, I understand the value and power of making real connections with people. 

Recently I have been involved in launching a new web based business that will conduct transactions in 90 countries.  There are always obstacles when considering such a daunting endeavor and it requires a team of people working tirelessly to make that vision a reality.  I of course have been acquisitioned to champion the web content from site to streaming media and today I began a quest for the appropriate web conferencing solution.  I believe i have FOUND it.

Welcome to DimDim!
DimDim LogoVoted a top 100 finalist in CNET's 2009 webware awards, DimDim delivers a smart open source interface with NOTHING to download!  Invite up to 20 users free! 

I believe Dim Dim is a very solid offering based on open source with many wonderful features (like the widget that counts down to the time of your next conference and can be embedded anywhere).

Don't take my word for it, check DimDim out for yourself and watch the video!


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