New Logo For The WNP Rescue Fund


One day I will make great logos, little by little I am learning.  Recently I have studied the art of leaving space and also grid theory as it relates to a website.  So much meta information is conveyed to the user in the spaces.  Or more accurately put, the amount of space on the stage conveys a feeling to the user and I am learning that you can manipulate the emotions just by how you have things spaced.

I am re-doing some graphics on the WNP site (I did not design the site, just the movies) and even though they started with a $65 dollar template that looked very appealing.  Once it cam time to make custom pages, they strayed away from the design rules established by the original artist and little by little, the look of their site lost it's crisp, deliberate feel.  This happened by introducing warm and hot colors and deforming certain elements by resizing etc.  So...I have little time to work as they are launched already, and WNP needed a logo for their fund raising Program.  In the interest of time and keeping with the theme of the site, I decided to keep the colors and fonts the same and went for a simple font driven theme.  I think it came out well.


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