Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts For Fun & Profit


split tweetI like tools that help productivity and even more I like it when those tools are free.  Today I found a free web based twitter profile manager that I thought was worth mentioning.  Using it, you can manage multiple Twitter accounts, and managing multiple Twitter accounts is just ONE way you can beat the 2000 follower cap that Twitter imposes.

Now managing and building multiple Twitter accounts may not be for you.  I myself am very into self branding and would prefer to focus on ONE profile but depending on your goals, it could be VERY beneficial, especially if you are promoting products from different industries or areas of focus.

Don't Listen To The Nay Sayers! 

Using mass follow tools is smart!  It saves time, it helps you target your list and in the end, I dont care what my ratio is of people im following compared to people following me.  After all, I'm not John Mayer.  What matters most is that I am building as targeted a list as possible and trust me when I say mass following is NOT without its share of effort. 

I am still reaching out and communicating to the people that intrigue me or that are relevent.  I AM building relationships, I am re-tweeting smart tweets, I am DM-ing smart people.  it's a regular social excercise in TwitterRama.  So...Use the mass folow tools and multiple profiles without guilt.  Just be sure you are putting out something positive, enhancing user experiences and giving as much as you can. In the end its ALL about the free flow of useful information and community and Mass following can help you build a strong thriving community fast!  Try Split Tweet today!

 How to Exceed 2000 Followers in Twitter from Tom Cellie on Vimeo.


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