XanGo Lays Off 50 Employees


XanGo ProductsIs it a sign of the times? XanGo has laid off about 50 employees, a little less than 10 percent of its work force. The Lehi, Utah-based, company said on March 13 that global economic conditions led it to re-evaluate its operations.

“We are reallocating resources to position ourselves for the future, recognizing the reality of the economy,” said Bob Freeze, vice president of public relations. Freeze said the company turned a profit in 2008 even though economic conditions deteriorated in the fourth quarter.

The XanGo layoffs are signs of stress in the multi-level marketing industry that generally touts itself as resistant to recessions because people who lost their jobs or who are looking for more income sign up as distributors, stated the news story that appeared in The Salt Lake Tribune.


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