An Object Lesson On The Power Of Twitter


I have not used this service nor have I done a ton of research on it but one obvious conclusion I get is that Twitter is changing the face of the communications industry. 

If you are a hub in the Twittersphere, then you are an influencer and lets face it, the more people you can influence and reach, the more potential money you can make.  In comes a smart business model like MagPie to ca$h in on this amazing phenomenon that IS Twitter.  Honestly I think this type of communication will be bigger and more profitable than network TV due to its immediacy in real time information sharing.

 No doubt about these are exciting times to be living in.  So here is a plug for Magpie even though I have not tried them...I think it is a brilliant idea!

Magpie - Join the Conversation from Magpie & Friends Ltd. on Vimeo.


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