We Net Profits Video


The Project

We Net Profits is a home based business opportunity that is soon to be launching.  The product is all down loadable from ebooks to audios. 

My Tasks

Improve the script and interject a feeling of urgency and excitement.  Voice over: My vocal inflections convey enthusiasm and excitement with a medium to fast pace delivery of the script. I am thinking about the soundtrack as I am laying the voice over down.  Imagining the instrumentation, style, pace etc.

The Philosophy

Over the years I have learned that at least 60% of what sells any video is the sound that goes with it so I have recently been laboring over the audio almost as much as the video.  Here I created a fast paced soundtrack with a ton happening in the stereo field.  I also used starts and stops as well as extravagant use of sound FX to keep the user glued to the presentation.  I kept it down to three fonts and 2 colors for all text.  I believe the graphics are very crisp which lends to the tech theme of the company.

The Outcome

The client loved it on the first look.  Literally no changes were made from the initial edit.  I will clean up some pans and dimension issues and render it to FLV.  The client told me that this compensation video was so informative and effective that he wont need to create an "Opportunity" video.  I think I just slicked myself out of more money ;-)


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