For the past 10 years I have been laser focused on the Internet with an emphasis on collaboration tools and media. I started my technology career out in sales for a large ISP in Kansas City. I moved into e-commerce service sales in 99 and then onto become Director of Business Development for the ISP again. During these years I learned the landscape of the web and gained a firm foundation in the industry selling bandwidth & connectivity along with web development and all sorts of business solutions. 

In 2003 I began my own media business and I haven't looked back. My specialty is marketing systems and I am blessed to work from the comfort of my home in Kansas City. 
From video production & voice over to all creative media including graphics & Flash I can create a powerful replicating marketing system for any opportunity, product or service.  Check out some of my clients.

I am also a musician, singer and songwriter and try to do the music thing as much as possible in between obsessive media creation projects. 

I LOVE what I do and I am just as choosy who I work with as those that choose me.  I really love challenging myself on client projects and if I had to say what my best trait is as it relates to business I think it would be my meticulous attitude towards making great media.  I just am not good at cutting corners.

I am always looking for long term relationships with clients and a huge portion of my business is repeat and referral.

Recently I took a position as the creative director for Demographic Data Unlimited and am pleased to offer even MORE solutions for marketers by leveraging the largest list of consumers and businesses in the US.

So feel free to contact me even if it is just to make a business connection.  I am always glad to meet positive people and I LOVE sharing my experience with people to help them realize their dreams. 

I am SO glad that you stopped by, I honestly hope we come to know each other well and whether we work together or not I wish you all the success you deserve!