Audio Production


Condensor MicrophoneThose of you that know me well know that I was a fulltime career musician for 11 years.  You might have visited my music blog or seen one of my live original songs on YouTube.  For nearly 30 years I have seeked sonic perfection in songwriting and singing both live and recorded.  My home project studio is my favorite place to be and I can assist YOU in any voice over needs. 

Whether you need existing tracks optimized and cleaned up or a complete soundtrack for your production, I can help. 

I have had clients fly in to do their own voice over work as well.  Needles to say if you have an audio need, I've got you covered.  Watch the videos presented on this site and listen to the quality of the audio.  Now compare that to what you find on Youtube.  The difference is clear.

  • Voice Over
  • Custom Soundtracks
  • Audio Restoration
  • Loops & Ringtones
  • Guitar & Vocal Parts
  • Mastering & Optimization