Gmail = Backup! Turn Gmail Into a Remote File Host 4 FREE!


Gspace logoYes you read that right.  Remote hosting has gotten cheap and technology has gotten BETTER!  Ahhh computing is SO much easier then it used to be ;-).  I am a big Google user.  I like how they integrate tools and some of the many services and apps that they offer for free.  Open source to ME is how the web is SUPPOSED to be.  Free flowing ideas, resources and community.  I LOVE this!  2 years ago I adopted Gmail as my main mail client and TODAY I discovered a way to tap into all of that free google server love that htey gladly offer to anyone with a pulse.  So sit back and discover how you can work smart & save money by tapping into remote file hosting and back up on the backBONE of the web.  Google!



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