Affiliate Master Pro Uni-Level MLM Software Box ShotA powerful feature rich uni-level solution to build your organization with.  The AMP Uni-Level Software will take you where you want to go with a robust set of administration tools and all of the needed components to catapult you to success. 

Our software integrates with Linkpoint and AlertPay but we can customize it to work with any gateway for an added fee.

Affiliate Master Pro Software is the perfect solution for running a thriving forced matrix program with our easy to use admin interface. 

Built in both Flash and .PHP, Affiliate Master Pro gives you powerful tools to manage and administrate options and users.  We have created a simple yet powerful interface to easily manage a 2-tier affiliate program with many included features other software developers charge extra for. 

Here's a list:

  • Real-time site replication and unique affiliate ID generation for MySQL
  • Secure member area
  • Secure admin portal to create, terminate and manage users
  • FLASH based lead manager
  • Auto-Responder to trickle emails to site visitors
  • SMS (text message) Notification of site visitors
  • Genealogy & commission tracking
  • Multiple payment gateways including Linkpoint, AlertPay
  • Mass pay feature to easily pay all affiliates simultaneously
  • Can be scaled to 1 tier and integrated with PayPal (PayPal's Terms of service prohibit 2 tier plans)
  • Update members via group mail feature